New World Choir

New World Choir

Welcome to NEW WORLD CHOIR!!

Since 1967, the Youth Choir of First United Methodist "New World Choir" has been sharing the Gospel in song all over the world......LITERALLY!

New World Choir invites all youth, grades 7 - 12, to connect with this great ministry.  

We are not looking for "good voices or musicians".  Rather, we are looking for young people with a heart for seeking God and a desire to be involved in worship leadership.  Through the wonderful work of our singers, musicians, technical people, and support group, the New World Choir continues to prepare to bring the Gospel to the world.  

We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of this ministry by taking the message of Christ to Italy!  It was the trip of a lifetime!

New World Choir rehearses every Sunday afternoon, 4pm when school is in session.  

It is NEVER TOO LATE to get on board!  If you or someone you love would like to be involved in New World Choir Ministry & Sing Out, THIS is your invitation. 

Call or text David: 256-404-4109
Church Office: 256-249-0362

David Simpkins, Director
Robin Lewis, Accompanist
Chuck Terrell, Youth Pastor
Adult Section Leaders - Catie Simpkins, Dolly Perry, Steve Lewis